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2020 PRITC Innovation Awards 

For the past six years, the Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster (PRITC), the largest IT trade organization in the Island, has celebrated its most emblematic event: The CIO & IT Leadership Conference.


This event is the largest and most important leading platform of the IT industry in Puerto Rico. It has gathered influential CIOs from the private sector as well as innovative leaders and IT companies, locally and internationally.


In past conferences, we have bestowed five awards upon companies and organizations. We have been able to advance there IT products, services, processes or platforms with great success.


This year will be the third consecutive year that the PRITC will be presenting the PRITC Innovation Awards, a process that has been nicely done within the highest quality and transparency standards.


It is PRITC’s unwavering position that now is the time for industry participants to openly celebrate IT excellence in Puerto Rico, thus contributing to the island’s continued ascent as an industry powerhouse.


That’s why we want to invite you to be part of the next 7th annual CIO & IT Leadership Conference and participate in the PRITC Innovation Awards. The winners corresponding to the year 2019 will be announced in the conference that will take place in the Sheraton Convention Center on May 8th, 2020.

Under the continued vision of positioning the island as a regional leader in IT services and technological innovation, the strategic objectives behind the awards process are as follows:

  • To increase awareness of the salience of the Puerto Rico IT industry in all its dimensions.

  • To prominently recognize individuals, products, projects, and organizations for their relevance as they pertain to the Puerto Rico IT industry, in terms of the level of technological innovation, business impact, industry contribution, international projection, and societal benefit.

  • To support the industry’s strategy of increasing its competitiveness throughout the region, and help it achieve a more elevated position of recognized excellence.


Any potential participant (person or company) interested in participating in the PRITC Innovation Awards must complete the attached form to start the process. Once you have submitted the information, the consideration process begins. The personnel in charge of the Innovation Awards will contact you for further details.

Online Application Form

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