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Welcome to the Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster

The Information Technology Cluster is an alliance of industry, government and academia committed to position Puerto Rico as a national and global leader in information technology services and innovation.

The cluster is comprised by software and solution developers, consultants, policy makers, infrastructure companies, and academic institutions. Puerto Rico’s value proposition includes a strong pipeline of certified consultants and IT talent with solid past performance in the private and public sector.

Because Puerto Rico is a United States of America jurisdiction all our services are offer by U.S. Citizens under U.S. legal framework and intellectual property protection. In addition to our strong communications infrastructure, human resources and proven past performance, the PRIT Cluster members offer a 20% - 35% lower wages of any region under U.S. territory.

This has spawned a vibrant and dynamic group of companies providing innovative solutions and services.

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Puerto Rico at a Glance

  • World Economic Forum’s 2011-2012 Competitiveness Report ranked Puerto Rico 35 out of 142 countries in the world

  • Puerto Rico offers 20% – 35% lower wages of any region under U.S. jurisdiction as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • U.S. Citizens since 1917

  • U.S. legal protection

  • Berry Amendment & Buy American Act compliance

  • Strong pipeline of talent, over 10,000 engineers, scientists and IT professionals are graduated every year

  • Our location in the Caribbean makes it a short flight from New York (3 hours) and Washington, DC (3.5 hours)

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