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February 26, 2016 | Sheraton Convention Center Hotel


Opening Remarks 

-   Christian González 

-    Alberto Bacó, Secretary-Dept. of Economic Development and Commerce

PR Science, Technology & Research Trust

-    Lucy Crespo, CEO- PR Science Technology & Research Trust

Parallel 18: A Global Startup Accelerator in Puerto Rico

-    Lucas Arzola

Moving Beyond the Firewall

-    Chris Finan, CEO & Co-Founder- Manifold Technology (Former Director for Cybersecurity Legislation and Policy at White House)

Integrating Constant Change at a Global Level Through a Digital Platform

-   Inas Kamenz, Sr. VP & CIO- Eli Lilly and Company

Innovation Through Cloud Applications and Data Center Regionalization

-    Jose Casillas, General Manager - PREPA Net

Surfing the Wave of Disruptive Technologies 

-    Fred Thiel, Board of Directors/ Advisor-Predixion Software, Inc.

The Infinite Digital World of Retail Theatre

-    Eric Singleton, Co-Founder- Strax Technologies, Inc (Former CIO of CHICO'S FAS, Inc. & Tommy Hilfiger, Corp)

Analytics in Retail: Distinct Data Perspective

-    Saul Cordero, Former Sr. Director of Retail Insights & Analytics-CVS Health

How to Develop "Intrapreneurs"

-      Fernando Rosario

PR, Technology & Bankruptcy

-     Juan Zaragoza Gómez, Secretary-PR Treasury Department

-     Luis Cruz, Director- PR Office of Management & Budget

Disrupting Politics Through Tech-Discussion Panel

-     Alexandra Lúgaro, Independent Candidate for Governor, Alexándra Lúgaro 2016

-     Manuel Cidre, Independent Candidate for Governor, Manuel Cidre 2016

Technology as a Catalyst of Change 2016-2020

-     David Bernier, Candidate for Governor, David Bernier 2016

-     Ricardo Roselló, Candidate for Governor, Ricardo Roselló

-     Pedro Pierluisi, Candidate for Governor, Pedro Pierluisi 2016


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